Texting Dictionary of Acronyms

The most comprehensive Texting Dictionary to date. This pocket size reference book lists over 1500 symbols and acronyms used by the mainstream texting public. This book helps us identify and understand the latest language used by kids to grandparents today. Sentences and phrases are compressed into acronyms, abbreviations and symbols This is the latest edition on the market today. Though it is edited for all ages, it is the most complete Texting Dictionary to date.

Family Friendly Edition

This book is basically the same as the Original Texting Dictionary of Acronyms but has been edited for younger readers.

Learn and know the newest language that kids to grandparents are using!

Secret Sleeve

An adhesive backed vinyl holder for the book Forgot Your Password? Hide it out of site. Behind computer, under desk, anywhere! This SECRET SLEEVE also comes with BOOK and a PEN. Feel confident knowing right where your passwords are

Millennial Slang

Ever wonder what that Millennial was saying? Now you can fully understand the chatter that they speak. With the "Millennial Slang the Language of Millennials", it is truly a great way not only to understand the language . . . you may even surprise your Millennial family, friends and colleagues.

Forgot Your Password?

Pocket size confidential handbook to keep all of your Usenames, Passwords and Websites at your fingertips. Never be slowed down again searching for that scrap piece of paper that has your password infomation on it. As always please keep in a safe place . . . for example, the companion piece to the Forgot Your Password? the SECRET SLEEVE